3 Most Common Fallacies Concerning Windshield Replacement


Fallacy #1: You can drive your vehicle immediately after your new windshield is installed.

NO! This could prove to be a very dangerous error. The adhesives that keep your windshield in place take time to cure. One hour is the minimum you should wait before you drive your car. The curing process varies with weather conditions. Our Arizona sun helps the adhesive cure more quickly (one hour). However, during monsoons and winter, it takes longer so be sure to ask your technician how long you should wait before you drive. If you choose to ignore the cure time and drive too soon, your windshield can shift and could leak when it rains. It could also void the warranty that each installation includes.

Fallacy #2: Making a claim with your insurance company will make the rates go up.

In most cases, NO! Anytime you make a claim with your insurance company, you should be sure to talk to your agent to understand your coverage and what the outcome will be. Most claims from auto glass only damage comes from your comprehensive insurance coverage. A comprehensive policy for some insurance companies views this as an”act of nature” because they are not the driver’s fault. Talk to your agent.

Fallacy #3: You must use the auto glass repair and replacement facility your insurance company tells you to go to.

No! By law, as an insured person, you have the right to choose any glass shop. Many insurance companies use glass networks as a means of handling their claims. If you call the 800 number to make a claim, be sure to know what shop you want so you are not steered to a facility, not of your choosing that may not adhere to the strict standards that your vehicle manufacturer recommends.


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