Labor Day Travels

*PSA* We will be closed Monday for Labor Day.

Labor Day is upon us! For many, this means family road trips, weekend getaways, and backyard barbeques.

In recognition of Labor Day and the amount of traveling that happens, Adventure Auto Glass has put together a short list of travel tips to know before traveling this Labor Day.

Top 5 Labor Day Travel Tips

Know Where You’re Going and What to Expect

Knowing where you want to go on Labor Day is big. As this is a major time in the U.S. to travel, your destination could be swamped with hoards of people and tourists.

Researching your intended destination, it’s average Labor Day crowd, and what to expect when you get there is important. There could be extra parking fees, increased entrance prices, or even no admittance. Fossil Creek in Arizona, for example, often receives so many tourists holiday weekend that they close off the area to incoming vehicles.

Pack Accordingly

In line with knowing your destination and what to expect, pack according to your potential needs. Yes, it’s always fun to grab a towel and water bottle, but you need to be smarter. With holiday traffic, you could be stuck somewhere for hours.

Bring more than enough water to last everyone a full day, bring a light first aid kit, and bring some snacks. You never know what you might need or want in the event of an emergency or unexpected situation.

Have a Plan B

Having a backup plan doesn’t mean using it. A plan B is merely devised to give you the option to bail on your first choice and still have a great Labor Day. Wouldn’t you rather have fun all day at your plan B then spend all day just trying to get to your plan A?

Inspect Your Vehicle

For the love of all, check your car before you go! Most Labor Day destinations are not five minutes away. In fact, many are down steep, washboard dirt roads that most cars shouldn’t, but do, travel down. It takes less than 10 minutes to check your fluids, tires, and body of your car. So please, just check it!

Have Fun!

Lastly, but most importantly, have a good time. Don’t let the crowds or detours ruin your time. If you must go with plan B, then that’s what you must do. Your Labor Day weekend is what you make of it, so make o fit something to remember! Happy adventures!

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Author: B. Delamater