Why Customer Service is so Important

Dave Standing next to the Adventure Auto Glass van

No matter what anyone says, customers are the life-matter of every business, small or large. This sounds like a simple concept, like common sense. Yet if you look around at many businesses, you will find a massive lack of adequate customer service. Beyond a Simple Welcome It is very easy to underestimate the complexity of…

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A Customer Service Horror Story

The Incident Recently, I had a rather horrific experience with customer service the other day. I was waiting in a doctor’s office for someone to finish their appointment, I was the chauffeur, when an elderly woman came in. Keep in mind the area which I live is predominantly elderly, so she was not an unordinary…

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Cyclist Awareness

Foggy road depicting difficulty seeing your cyclist friends

Watch for cyclists! With the weather warming up, more and more motorcyclists will be out on the road. Even though they must follow pretty much the same traffic laws as the rest of us, larger vehicles need to keep an extra eye out for their safety and ours. We Need to Be Aware!! Motorcycles are…

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The Best Glass Cleaner Out There

sprayway glass cleaner bottle

There are numerous products on the market for cleaning glass. Each one has a unique characteristic of its own, but very few can boast the to be the best there is. Now I can’t tell you which glass cleaner is the definitive best, that’s purely opinion based, but I sure will try. Popular Brands? Now…

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Be Thankful for Your Windshield

How often do you think about your windshield? Almost never, except when it chips or cracks right? As easy as it is to take your windshield for granted, maybe you should appreciate this modern marvel a bit more. Now before you start saying “It’s a piece of glass, big deal” let’s look at what people…

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October. . . .it was frightening.

Politics, Death and Moving Peace, Love, Hug So it’s been quite the year for a lot of people.  2016 started out with such optimism.  New year, new start.  And it began.  Death, upon death upon death.  Our celebrities were dropping like flies.  For some, it was devastating.  I never understood Elvis fans and their continued…

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