October. . . .it was frightening.

Politics, Death and Moving

Peace, Love, Hug

So it’s been quite the year for a lot of people.  2016 started out with such optimism.  New year, new start.  And it began.  Death, upon death upon death.  Our celebrities were dropping like flies.  For some, it was devastating.  I never understood Elvis fans and their continued torture until Prince died.  Instantly, I got it.  Of course I didn’t “know” him, but if you are a Prince fan, you KNEW him.  It was a tough pill to swallow.  Not only Prince, but Bowie, Lemmy, Gene, Glenn, Vanity, Harper Lee, George Kennedy, Sinatra Jr, Shandling, Merle, Doris Roberts, Muhammad Ali, dear Lord man, go to this link to see them all:  http://www.syracuse.com/celebrity-news/index.ssf/2016/01/celebrity_deaths_in_2016_famous_photos.html

Prince hit me the hardest, but before Prince, it was Merle Haggard.  And then it was Dan Haggarty (he played Grizzly Adams  – a show truly ahead of its time).  As I look at the list I am saddened again.  Not only did we lose some great celebrities but I had friends who lost beloved souls and our family lost a good one.  It’s been a rough year.  I think you all know what I am saying.  Amongst this sadness, it is the election year.  Enough said.  So glad it’s almost over.

My sadness grows every day with the hate growing among Americans.  I am so saddened that the fine American people are dividing instead of coming together over this election.  I think we can ALL agree we want change in our Government.  I think we can all AGREE that we are not satisfied with what is happening currently.  I would so much rather find solutions than hear more epic evil from either party.  I would so much rather gather around a table and figure out grassroots solutions instead of fighting and bickering over media sound bites.  Ick.

So October is usually my favorite month of the year as I get to celebrate Halloween ALL MONTH LONG.  I didn’t get to do that this year.  We moved to a different house and that process took almost the entire month.  I’m tired.  I miss talking about auto glass.  Funny how I complain about “auto glass”, “auto glass”, “auto glass” and I am hungering for a good old-fashioned auto glass story to come my way.

That said.

The lessons I have learned very WELL and very LOUDLY this OCTOBER is:  DO NOT.  DO NOT EVER. DO NOT EVER TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED.  EVEN LITTLE THINGS.  FAMILY. PETS. HUGS. EXTENDED FAMILY. FRIENDS. FRIENDS WITH DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW. OBSTINATE FRIENDS WHO YOU LOOK AT AND THINK “WTF ARE YOU THINKING”.  We must love each other and ourselves.  Our leaders will change.  Our leaders will not change who or what we are.  Our family and friends pass on and that can only make us better if we allow it by celebrating them in the little moments that meant so much to them.  Moving – I gotta say I love my new digs but wow, for all that is good and holy, HIRE MOVING PEOPLE.

It’s November.  I’m tired.  You are tired.  We are soooooo tired.  Let’s rejoice in knowing that Thanksgiving is coming (and let’s let this one go and celebrate its current meaning of THANKS and really let go of the politics of it – just this year) and we get to eat, drink and love on those who mean the most to us.  If they aren’t near you – get there or call them.  If they are, GO HUG THEM.  Take it from someone who moved halfway across the country because she had wanderlust back at the tender age of 23, family is everything.  Even if that means the family you have created in your current life.  Love on them.  Let’s rest this November and just love.


Peace out.  Don’t worry, another rant about auto glass is coming soon.  XXOO


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