Your Insurance, Your Car, and Your Glass Shop

Your insurance, your car, and your glass shop; what you need to know. Automobiles are getting fancier.  The game has changed with your insurance, your car and your glass shop. That means your windshield is getting fancier.  There are many things that are either in or connected to your windshield including heater wiper park areas,…

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Our Industry is Unregulated. Know Your Installer

What Does Unregulated Mean For You – the Consumer? Our industry is unregulated! Protect yourself and know your installer when getting your windshield replaced.  What does this mean for you? It means, literally, anyone can cut into your car.  Whether the installer has one minute or 20 years of experience.  It’s important to know your…

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Dealer Glass vs. OEM Glass – OH MY!

broken windshield

Dealer Glass vs OEM Glass – that is the question. A frequent request, “OEM” please.  We often ask our customers if they understand the difference between “OEM” and “Dealer” glass because a lot of the time, customers believe “OEM” to be dealer glass.  And although they are the “same”, they are not.  Here is an…

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