Monsoon Season Is Starting!!!

monsoon over abandonded road

Monsoon season is infamous in Arizona. Between the intense 5-minute rain showers to the roaring thunderstorms, there is no wonder why Arizonans love this time of the year. However, because of the spontaneity of monsoon on top of the fact that Arizona receives only 12.5 inches a year, it’s important to be prepared when this…

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5 Fun Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

toyota prius getting washed

Summer is hot. Summer in Arizona is even more so. How should you cool down this summer? We have a few suggestions. 1. Shopping If you hate to shop, this is clearly not the solution for you. However, shopping means air conditioning, free air conditioning. 2. Wash Your Car Skip the auto car wash and…

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A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

Snowy car, praticing patience in bad weather

Customer service, patience and why it’s so important in our industry. Why suddenly a blog about patience? Due to our recent and rather dramatic snowfall here in sunny Arizona, we have had to reschedule quite a few appointments. It is not the fault of any individual, after all, no one could leave their home for…

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How Prep for the Rainy Season

Shout it from the rooftops! At long last, our extremely dry state is getting rain after (nearly) a year! Ask any Arizonan if they enjoy the rain and I will guarantee they say yes. If they don’t then they’re not really from here. Imposters! I find it hard to understand how some people scoff and…

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Waving Bye to Winter

Finally! The weather here in Arizona is improving and temperatures are rising. Not that we had a winter, it was actually warmer than usual, but temps in the high 60s and 70s are simply perfect. The only thing I think we all wish for is a little rain to bless our very dry state, but…

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