A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

Customer service, patience and why it’s so important in our industry.

Why suddenly a blog about patience? Due to our recent and rather dramatic snowfall here in sunny Arizona, we have had to reschedule quite a few appointments. It is not the fault of any individual, after all, no one could leave their home for two days. Regardless, it has still caused quite the stir.

We understand that a cracked or chipped windshield is a concern for many us included – it is our livelihood – but we assure that in most circumstances, there is no immediate threat to you or your vehicle. We are doing our very best to accommodate all our wonderful customers but kindly ask for patience during this period of high call volume.

Although rescheduling an appointment may be inconvenient and requires additional time between now and your appointment, we have come up with a TOP 10 LIST of what to do with that extra time!

Our Top 10 Things to do Before Your Appointment Date – in no particular order

1. Hiking

We love to hike here at Adventure, and we hope you do too. These past few days have had AMAZING weather that is absolutely perfect for hiking. Not to mention we live in one of the best areas for hiking. The trail possibilities are nearly endless, though my favorites have to be Mingus and The Dells.

2. Chores and Errands

Okay, this isn’t really our favorite thing to do, but it is important to do. We sometimes find that completing the simple necessary tasks are often the most difficult to find time for. So perhaps between now and your appointment date, you can get some of those things done! Productivity, yay!

3. Road Trip

Road trips do not have to be long or expensive. Even driving out to Sedona for the day can be a blast, and if you’re needing to fill some time, a road trip can be a great solution!

4. Day of Relaxation

If you can spare an entire day, a home spa day is always a great idea. You can draw yourself a nice bath, read a book, or even binge your favorite show. The idea is that for the entire day, you do what you enjoy most!

5. Movie Night with Friends

Another great idea is to host a movie night! Gather your favorite people, make some popcorn, and fire up Netflix! You can even buy your favorite candy or make some delicious sweets!

6. Craft Day

You might not be into arts and crafts, I can respect that, but for those of you who are, this is a perfect opportunity to really craft it up! Build a nightstand, pre-make all your Christmas cards, or just sit down and draw. Be as creative and adventurous as you wish!

7. Home Renovations

This is one of those things that is ALWAYS pushed aside. Now is the perfect time to finish painting your bedroom, tiling the bathroom, or hanging up that décor you bought a month ago. Get it all done and you will have one less thing to worry about in the future.

8. Organize

Watch a few episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Konda and get to work! Does it spark joy? No? Get rid of it! Clean out that closet, pantry, garage, you name it! Organize your life and house like never with this extra time, we believe in you!

9. Start a New Book

When do we have the time to read anymore? Exactly, never. So, pick up a nice short book to start and finish with this small bit of extra time. Learn something new or plunge into a new world, either way, enjoy it!

10. Get Your Hobby On

We’ve all had a hobby we picked up and dropped because of a time commitment. Well, now is the time to pick it back up! Or, if you don’t have a hobby, now is the perfect time to look into a new one! Why not start something you enjoy with this little extra time, who knows when you’ll have free time next.


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