Waving Bye to Winter

Finally! The weather here in Arizona is improving and temperatures are rising. Not that we had a winter, it was actually warmer than usual, but temps in the high 60s and 70s are simply perfect.

The only thing I think we all wish for is a little rain to bless our very dry state, but we digress. Regardless, the weather has been fantastic recently and there are a few things that we here at Adventure Auto Glass would like to remind you of, especially about your car.

We do live in one of the hottest states in the Nation after all!

Chips, Cracks, and Crap!!

Okay, so “crap” is only what you’re going to scream when your car’s windshield breaks, but this warmer weather will affect almost any breakage. Chips, no not Sour Cream & Onion, tend to spread in warmer weather due to the glass expanding and contracting.

The intense heat of the day causes the glass to expand and the dramatically cooler night causes it to contract. This daily movement, as small as it is, will cause all chips and cracks to grow and run across your windshield, causing a much larger problem for you. So, get those chips and cracks repaired ASAP!!

Please Prepare

You probably already have all your winter preparation gear stored in your car like water, emergency blankets, flashlights, snow shovel, etc. All of that is still great to have, but you might consider altering your gear for the warmer weather.

This means upping your water supply, adding sunblock, including a couple of emergency hats, etc. Blankets are still great to carry as it can get very cold in the desert at night, but the snow shovel can be taken out. All your other basic car emergency gear should stay in year-round; i.e. flashlight, car tools, jumper cables, etc.

Tinting Today Helps

If your car, truck, bus, fortified tank, or whatever you drive doesn’t have tinted windows already, consider having that done. Don’t go for the cheapo tint either and don’t try to do it yourself. Capable or not, professionals are liable for their work, so any mistakes will likely be fixed for free.

Additionally, window tinting isn’t all about making your windows darker. Different tint qualities offer different levels of UV and heat protection to the inside of your vehicle, something that simple colored tint doesn’t offer. But trust me, having your windows tinted against UV and heat will make a world of difference!

Sun Screens and Visors

This is an economic solution to overheating cars in increasing temperatures. Sun visors and reflective screens that are placed underneath your windshield work marvelously at keeping your car cool as summer approaches. Do yourself a favor and pick one up at the store.

That’s all for now, good luck out there and happy adventures!


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