The Chip Repair

Chips in a windshield, although scary looking, are usually not as scary as they are made out to be. In the event you wish to repair a chip, a common misconception is that they will completely disappear after the repair. Windshields act as a failsafe for the roof in the case of an accident, which is why repairing a chip is only to maintain the integrity of the glass, not to look pretty; although if this does happen, it’s a pretty sweet add-on. According to tacit standards put forth in the auto glass industry, a windshield is considered broken when it has a rock chip.  Due to different environmental factors, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures, some chips can actually get worse upon repair; this all depends on how the damage occurred and what type of damage it was. A general rule of thumb in our industry is that if the chip can be completely covered by a coin and it doesn’t obstruct your line of vision, it can be repaired, given the chip doesn’t expand during reparation. If the chip has been repaired and it hasn’t grown after maneuvering the vehicle about for a while, the job was done well and successfully. If you see a watermark or “scar” on the surface of the glass, don’t panic; that’s very normal.

However, there are a couple of circumstances in which replacing the whole windshield is the necessary option. If the chip does crack further when the auto glass technician attempts to repair it, there is a high chance it will crack more, thus compromising the safety of your vehicle. If the crack extends into more than one layer of the laminated glass, the chip is larger than a quarter in its entirety, there are three or more chips, the impact area is smashed to dust, or the inside layer of glass is cracked, it’s also time for a new windshield. This is all due to the overall safety being threatened. Allowing weak points in your windshield to develop seriously damages the structural integrity of the glass; it can also lead to legal action such as traffic tickets due to obstruction of your vision. Insurance companies may recommend replacing the windshield if the repaired chip obstructs your vision with a watermark; even though it is repaired, if you can’t see through it, it’s still dangerous!

One thing to remember about any repair is to communicate with us. As we want you, the customer, to feel comfortable with us doing what we do, it’s important to articulate your expectations so we can fulfill those to the best of our abilities.

With that, good luck!


-Ferrell Berger


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