What You Need to Know about Chip Repairs

Here we are, once again, to explain the whole deal with chip repairs. You can take your car to an auto glass shop, like Adventure Auto Glass (shameless self-plug), when your windshield gets a rock chip. If you didn’t know, now you do and you can just repair your windshield instead of replacing it. HOWEVER, there is a catch, as all good things tend to have.

Although a chip repair will “fix” your windshield, it won’t necessarily fix its aesthetic. A chip repair is a relatively simple process. The tech cleans the chip area, then forces in clear resin. This filled the otherwise empty area with a strong bonding agent and prevents the crack from spreading further. In addition, it strengthens the structural integrity of the windshield in the event of an accident or extreme weather.

This all seems wonderful, which it is as it’s faster and cheaper to repair rather than to replace, but many people fail to realize an important aspect. A chip repair DOES NOT make the crack disappear. Although in many cases it makes the crack less noticeable or nearly invisible, any aesthetic plus that comes from a chip repair is merely icing on the cake. When the chip doesn’t “disappear,” people often become upset. The chip might remain visable, but it IS fixed and it won’t get any worse. Remember this the next time you have to have a repair done and take it easy on the repairman, he’s only trying to help!

Stay safe out there and happy adventuring!! Oh, and if you have any more questions, or need a repair yourself, give us a call! We’d be happy to help. For more information on chip repairs, check out this VIDEO, in which Dave explains even more about the elusive chip repair.


Author: B. Delamater

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