DIY Windshield Replacement?

In the world of Pinterest and DIY, a lot of people are considering what they can do themselves that they would normally pay someone to do. Painting a house, changing your oil, you name it, people are opting to get a little messy to pinch some pennies. We don’t blame them either!

Windshield of car; do you dare do a windshield replacment or repair on  your own?

There are certain things in life that people can easily do themselves to save a few hundred bucks. Then again, there are also things that people should not do themselves because it’ll probably end up costing them more than a few hundred bucks.

Windshield Repair & Replacement DIY, should you?

Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few people out there that would like to repair or replace their own windshield. While it is understandable why and possible to do, we don’t recommend you do so.


For one thing, windshields can be very expensive. Not to mention the endless different versions, model numbers, and styles each different car can have. If you don’t know what to look for when buying a windshield, then the chances that you will order the wrong one is very high.

If you do order the wrong one, but don’t know it, then you will waste time, energy, and other necessary installation materials trying to make it fit. Plus, you might be tempted to say,

“Oh, I’ll just duct tape it and call it good.”

No, no you won’t because windshields cannot be duct taped, zip tied, nor any other form of jerry-rigging. These are possibly the one part of your car that you cannot zip tie or duct tape down. Not only do they need proper sealing to keep rain from destroying your header, but also to keep wind noise from happening AND, more importantly, to secure the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Yup, that’s right. The windshield of a car offers structural support to your car in an accident. This support is greatly at risk when windshields are improperly installed or jerry-rigged.

You are 100% responsible for anything that occurs because of your workmanship. If it comes off on the highway and hits another car, you will be responsible. If you happen to get in an accident and your passenger is injured because of an improperly installed windshield, again that’s all on you.

Additionally, if you have glass coverage, your insurance company will NOT cover the cost of a repair or replacement you do yourself. So, if you decide to attempt to do it yourself and mess up, they won’t cover the cost of any damage or mistakes.

What about Chips?

Though chip repairs can be simpler than glass replacements, there is a risk you take when performing this on your own. The point of a chip repair is to fix the damage done to the windshield so that the chip doesn’t spread into a large crack.

If done incorrectly and the damage is not completely repaired, then the chip could still spread into a crack. Chip repairs are meant to repair damage, not to erase visible marks and therefore completeness cannot be judged 100% through visible markers.

Additionally, there is ALWAYS a risk when performing a chip repair. That risk being the chip could crack out the glass further. In other words, the chip will become much worse. Just another reason why we recommend having chip repairs professionally done; they know what they are doing and are responsible if they screw up.

All in all; DIY Windshield Repair & Replacement?

Honesty and with our utmost sincerity, we recommend you have all your glass repairs or replacements done by a professional. Now I realize that you might think you could easily do the work yourself to save a little money, but if something goes wrong, it’s all on you.

If your biggest hurdle is paying for labor, then think of it as supporting your community. Go with a small business so you know your money will stay local. You should also consider companies that support your community through charities or local organizations. Sometimes it’s okay to kick back and let someone else fix it!

Have a great day, go local, and happy adventures!


Author: B. Delamater


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