Glass Claim – 6 Easy Steps Explained

Got a chip or crack that needs replacing or repairing?  We can help.  We take the worry out of making a glass claim.  Auto glass claims really aren’t too stressful.  The BIGGEST issue for some is that the policyholder must now be on the phone with the glass shop and the third party administrator.  Back in the day, you could call your agent (some still handle claims) or the glass shop and they could do it for you.  More and more, the claims departments are what is called third-party administrators.  They need to talk to you to make sure you are who you say you are for your own protection.  The calls usually take 3-5 minutes and then the shop can schedule a time for your installation or chip repair.

Here are the steps of the average auto glass claim.

Step 1:  Call the shop you want to replace or repair your windshield or other auto glass.

Step 2:  The shop will ask you for your vehicle’s year, make and model.  We need this info so we get the right glass for your automobile.

Step 3:  The insurance company or third party administrator will need your policy number and your date of loss.  They need the date of loss to make sure you were, in fact, insured on the day it happened.

Step 4:  The auto glass shop called the third party administrator

Step 5:  The auto glass shop puts you on the line with the third party administrator to discuss the damage – how did it happen, when did it happen, glass coverage and they want to make sure it is you on the line with them for your protection.

Step 6:  The shop will schedule your appointment.  Sometimes you will be taken care of the next day or sometimes it might be a little longer depending on if you need dealer glass or other dealer items.

Things you should consider when having glass installer out to your house or place of business:

*Please allow for the replacement to take up to an hour and the vehicle should sit for an hour for the adhesive to cure properly for your safety.

*Please have the keys available.  We cannot install auto glass without keys.

*Please back into a parking space if you are in a lot.  If you are in your driveway, please make sure the installer can get all the way around your vehicle so that we can replace it to the best of our ability.

*Please give our installer free milk and cookies because heck, who doesn’t like milk and cookies?  Okay, you don’t have to do this  – I’m just seeing if anyone is reading this post!  HA!

Have a great one hep cats, we’ll see ya on our next adventure!

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