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My Addiction and Recovery

So you never know just how addicted you are to something until it’s gone.  So there I was last week.  Doing my thing.  Happy as a clam.  Editing pictures, taking care of my SOME and coming up with brilliant blog ideas……..when it happened.  My beautiful pet imac wouldn’t start.  Well now, that is just silly.  Did I have any warning signs?  OF COURSE I DID.  But I ignored them. . . . all of them.   I thought I was in the clear as I did not get the notorious never ending color ball of hell or the hard drive icon with the question mark. . . .so I really thought she will be fine!  Maybe a power surge, maybe a virus???? on my mac???? Weirder things have happened. . . .easy fix. . . .I can deal with this.

Did I back everything up.  Hell no.  Why in the world, in 2016, would I DO THAT?  Most is backed up.  But apparently I like to play Russian Roulette with my pictures………I have (as the tech guy told me) only about a Terabyte on my desktop……

So I take her into the repair shop and have a lovely conversation with the front desk guy named Ernie.  I totally dig Ernie.  He made me laugh, he made me feel okay, he made me feel like my world was not literally crashing all around me.  He said I should hear something that day.  IT WAS THE LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE.  No phone call.  Ernie was cool enough to tell me the fix it guy was at a conference that day so I didn’t stress. . . .too hard.

The next day I got the call.  She was sick.  She was REALLY sick.  My hard drive was failing.  HOW WAS THAT POSSIBLE?  I seriously did not see that coming.  I had another external hard drive to back up the rest of my desk top – how could this be?  Yup – denial is a beautiful thing.

adventure auto glass

Well, Tony is not as awesome as Ernie.  Tony (whom I’ve known for over 1o years, so please understand I know his skill level, he’s just not got the bed side manner I kinda needed at the time) let me know my hard drive was toast and that it’s not a big deal – I should have my baby back by Friday. (Do you see what day it is today – yes I’m jonesin’)  I made the mistake of asking him to try to save my desktop.  He didn’t laugh but he didn’t reassure me either.  He said well, let’s see…………………………………long, horrifying story short, he said he might be able to but it’s a terabyte worth of stuff and well that takes a long time.  I could expect my baby back on Friday or Monday or Tuesday. . . .but he said he’d keep me informed.  Again, it’s Monday and I have heard nothing.  I haven’t called because I don’t want to sound a like a crack head trying to micro manage them.  However, I have the shakes, the memories of what exactly is on my computer keep popping into my head so I get all hot and cold at the same time, I wake in the middle of the night screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (okay that might be an exageration).

So here I sit.  Waiting.  Such is life.  I sigh a lot.  I think this helps work out my addiction issue.  I drink my coffee and stare at my empty desk.  Sigh again.  Push away and try to find “other” things to do.  Thank God for my phone, my ipad and my computers at work. . . . .

Oh did I tell you that on Friday, my hard drive on my work computer started to fail.  It’s been a great week.  Luckily, that computer is 100% backed up.  Was that proper English?  Sighing Again.

So for those of you out there that like to play “will she last another day” game like me, please, I beg you, back up your data!  Your day will come when you least expect it.