What Assumptions Do Your Customers Have About Your Industry?

I want you to think about where you work. There are those odd things that happen only in your industry. You know what I am talking about. Those things that you wish ALL customers knew and understood. That little thing that if only they knew and understood because the ALL JUST DON’T GET IT. Why is that? Why don’t they “get” it? Are you with me?

If your customers understood your industry just a little more, what would really change? Would your job be easier? Would your customers be more loyal? Would your boss be more pleasant? Really, what would happen?

In our industry there are A LOT of assumptions. How about in yours? I’m going to list a few and then I want to hear from you. Let’s educate each other on what assumptions most folks have about our industries.

*Auto Glass Companies buy “cheap glass” (all 30+ shops in the Prescott Quad Cities buy from the same 3-4 vendors – it’s all the same glass – you are paying for a service, or lack there of)

*We have the power to break glass as you drive away (I wish! I could retire!)

*When I made the claim, they told me who to use – it’s my insurance company right? (it’s NOT your insurance company – it’s an auto glass company – of course they are going to want you to use THEM)\

*All chip repairs should disappear (not true, a chip repair helps save the integrity of the windshield. The rule of thumb is if a technician has repaired a chip and it hasn’t grown, the objective was met.)

So there are few in my industry – now tell me yours – make me smarter!

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