Auto Glass Steering

Auto Glass Steering Affects You – Learn How Here


Auto glass is a tricky industry; it is completely unregulated. What does this mean? Check this out to answer all of your questions.

Because of this, a few problems arise. Independent auto glass shops don’t get a fair deal through the Third Party Administrator (TPA). This is because one auto glass company houses not only the TPA but retails and manufactures the glass as well. This means that they will attempt to “steer” you to their auto glass shop. Yes, this is against the law, but unfortunately yes, it still happens. If you decide to make your claim online, the choice is already made; your claim will be sent to their auto glass shop and no other options will be presented.

Independent, local shops need help from you; you speak to businesses with your dollars. In keeping your money local, you benefit your own community better than any corporation can. It can also mean a more personal experience; the person you’re trusting with your car goes from stranger to fellow community member.

The next time you need a claim, call a local shop; not only does it mean personal work, but it also fuels the local economy. Together we can make a difference!

Good luck!


-F. Berger