The Craziest Stuff We’ve Heard


Customers Say the Craziest Things!

After talking with some fellow auto glass shops from around the country and a few overseas, we began to wonder what the craziest, strangest things customers have accused or said to us after a job. We asked around and this is what came back, enjoy!

All names and locations have been omitted for the sake of privacy.

“Vehicle wouldn’t shift into drive”

“Hole in the exhaust”

“Brake hoses leaking”

“Dent in the bumper that she showed me before I even entered her garage”

“Non-electronic rearview mirror cable was missing”

“Fixed window on a minivan wouldn’t roll down”

“Swapping out the motor…she said I stole her motor”

“Thought that I installed used auto glass”

“That I stole his airbags”

“That the glass install affected the functioning of their A/C”

“Making one of the tires bald”

“causing rust”

“That we needed to warranty glass that was shattered when her hood slammed into it on the freeway”

“That we caused her rear tire to fall off”

“That the windshield doesn’t leak, but it snows inside the truck…”

“Wondering if I had found their bag of pot…we did but left it right where it was!”

“That we broke the heated seats”

“That I caused her brakes to stop working”

“You completely changed the shape of my vehicle”

“The windshield looked squarer than it used to”

“I found a bag of meth once, the customer said not his, but he’d gladly take it”

“It won’t go into fourth gear anymore”

“My belts squeak now”

“Lane departure wasn’t working on a 1981 pickup…that tech wasn’t around then”

“That I stole the freon out of the car”

“That I glued the driver door shut after a windshield replacement…it was just a latch”

“I broke her backup sensors after replacing her windshield…it was just dirt covering it from daily driving”

And last, but not least and our personal favorite:

“The windshield is too clear now”


These are just the tip of the iceberg of crazy claims and weird things customers have said after an installation. You don’t have to take anything from this other than before you accuse someone of something, use a little common sense. Just think before you speak. While not everyone in the world is honest, we try to be, and we believe most small businesses are too. Afterall, we all depend on you to stay in business. Happy adventures!

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