The Ultimate AAG Sedona Road Trip Playlist

The Ultimate AAG Sedona Road Trip Playlist While you and your                             loved ones travel to Sedona this summer, here is a playlist to keep everyone in the car happy and excited for the sunshine! Perfect for this upcoming 4th of July…

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Back to School Car Care

back end of school bus

It’s been a long, relaxing summer but school is starting up again soon. Whether that means college or high school, your vehicle deserves some extra attention before getting back into that routine. What to Check Tires For the sake of space, checking your tires includes but is not limited to your tread, pressure, and brakes.…

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Re-Calibration Calamity – Part 2

woman using re-calibration while driving her car looking out her windshield

As I mentioned in Calibration Calamity Part 1, windshield re-calibration is a relatively new process. While it is, unfortunately, an additional maintenance aspect of your vehicle to consider, it is important to have these cameras re-calibrated after a windshield replacement. Two Types of Re-calibration Dynamic – this process has the vehicle drive at a set…

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Windshield Calibration Calamity – Part 1

ADAS windshield with man driving into sunset

Windshield Calibration and  Your Car Driver-assist technology is continuously being introduced in new vehicles. From surround-view cameras to auto-braking, these features introduce new opportunities and problems to face. Windshield Calibration is here now and here to stay. These present an additional obstacle to work around with auto glass replacement. For this tech to work, cameras…

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DIY Headlight Cleaning

vehicle headlight (2)

Headlights are notorious for developing that cloudy film. Most of us don’t know what to do when it happens or even why it happens, but that’s what we’re here to tell you. The cloudy film that plagues your headlights can be explained by simple oxidation. Plastic, when exposed to the elements day in and day…

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The Chip Marathon

Dave doing a chip repair on a customer's car.

*ring ring* Hello? “Hi, is your chip running?” *click*   You can’t see me, but I am taking a bow for that highly intellectual joke re-write. Thank you, I am here all year! Anyways…… The Chips. We’ve mentioned them a few times here before. I’m sure there are a couple of old ‘Chip’ blogs laying…

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Your Car and Freezing

Car Modifications on Red Porche on icy highway

  Winter time introduces an entirely new variety of issues for car owners. The colder the temperature becomes, the more difficult it is for your engine to start functioning. Metal, rubber, and liquids that are all essential to the startup of an engine become stiff, brittle, and even frozen during the winter months. This might…

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DIY Windshield Replacement?

Dave adjusting a windshield wiper

In the world of Pinterest and DIY, a lot of people are considering what they can do themselves that they would normally pay someone to do. Painting a house, changing your oil, you name it, people are opting to get a little messy to pinch some pennies. We don’t blame them either! There are certain…

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Our Warranty

Here at Adventure Auto Glass, we take pride in the work we do. Our technicians take careful measures to ensure that your repair or replacement is done correctly. We understand the importance of a proper windshield installation, which is why we offer a limited warranty on our work. The Limited Warranty Simply put, our warranty…

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What Glass Services Do We Offer?

Often, we get calls asking if we do chip repairs, windshield replacements, home window installation, etc.  Even though our company’s name is Adventure Auto Glass and we answer the phone with “Adventure Auto Glass this is ____…”, the calls continue. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to shame anybody (but you know who…

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