Re-Calibration Calamity – Part 2

As I mentioned in Calibration Calamity Part 1, windshield re-calibration is a relatively new process. While it is, unfortunately, an additional maintenance aspect of your vehicle to consider, it is important to have these cameras re-calibrated after a windshield replacement.

Two Types of Re-calibration

Dynamic – this process has the vehicle drive at a set speed on well-marked roads. This normally takes up to an hour, possibly longer depending on your make and model

Static – this process uses a specific target image mounted in front of the vehicle during the process. This takes up to one hour or longer depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Both re-calibration processes require certified professionals. We strongly advise not to attempt these processes on your own as a faulty re-calibration could result in an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) malfunction.

The ADAS system is designed to protect your vehicle on the road, which is why it is so important that the re-calibration process is completed by a professional.

We Can Help with Re-calibration

This is where we come in. Typically, the vehicle owner would take their vehicle to the dealer to perform the re-calibration. Lucky for you, we have a certified technician that knows how to re-calibrate these special cameras.

What will this cost?

This is all covered under the cost of the windshield replacement but is also covered under most glass insurance policies. We try to make windshield replacement as simple as possible for our amazing customers and this extra process is no exception.

Does my car need this?

When you call to schedule an appointment or request a quote, we will let you know if your vehicle requires this extra process. However, if you are aware that your car has a backup cam, blind spot alert system, or automatic braking, there is a very high chance your vehicle will need this service.

Another indicator is the year. Many cars 2013 and forward have this feature, but it is possible your newer vehicle does not, or your older vehicle does. The most sure-fire way to know is by having a professional tell you. We are happy to do so, but we also know that your dealer should know as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of this and we will be happy to help!


Author: B. Delamater

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