The Importance of Your Windshield

Your car.  It’s probably the first or second largest investment you have made.  It’s your baby.  You have taken care of her day in and day out.  You have found nothing but the best for her.  You wouldn’t let JUST anyone work on her, would you?

AHHHHHHH.  This is where we seem to have a problem.  You know and trust your mechanic.  You know and trust the person who does your oil changes.  You know and trust the car wash that washes her…….but do you REALLY know your auto glass installer?  (I KNOW you saw that coming  lol)

Why is it so important to KNOW your installer?
Here is a small list to help you think about things that might matter to you and your car:

*Our industry is unregulated – that means LITERALLY anyone can CUT into your car.

*I just said CUT INTO YOUR CAR……

*Does your installer use primer?

*Why is primer important?

*How many times has this installer set glass?  Why does THAT matter?

*What kind of glass is going into my car?  Does that matter?

*If there is an issue (wind noise, creaking) can I get a hold of my installer?

*Are they accountable?

Food for thought……answers…..soon!  🙂 Image

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