What is in a Windshield? Windshield Education 101

You don’t think about it until you need one.  We know.  We understand.  However, some of you out there think that you can outsmart us at our own game.  Sit down, grasshopper.  Let us help you understand your windshield.  It’s not just a piece of glass.

1)  Third Visor Frit:  These are the funny black dots around your review mirror.  See ’em?

Yup, they are there and they have a name.  Third Visor Frit. third visor frit Say it, we know you want to!  🙂  Good job!  These little dots help defuse the sun out of your eyes.  Why?  Because it’s the annoying part of your windshield that isn’t covered by your visor.  It’s magical, isn’t it?  They have nothing to do with your radio, satellite or any other communication device.  But if you want to tell people they control your car, we won’t tell.  🙂

2)  Heated Wiper Park Area:  If you live where you get snow and ice – this is REALLY cool.  When you hit the defrost button, your defroster doesn’t just hit the little area to make it easier to scrape off said ice and snow….oh no, it melts the ice from your entire wiper area so they don’t stick to the windshield.  LOVE Technology!

3)  Antenna:  These guys are all over your car.  If you have a thin red line going down the center of your windshield (sorry, you never noticed it before and now THAT is all you are going to see), you have an antenna in your windshield.  Most of the time it’s hiding in your back glass, side glass or elsewhere on your car.

4)  Rain Sensor:  This sucker is super sweet.  When it is raining, your wipers will automatically go slower or faster depending on how hard the rain is coming down.

5) Heads Up Display:  Your speedometer shows up on your windshield.

6)  Light Sensor:  No light outside?  Your headlights will automatically turn on.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You cannot “upgrade” your windshield by asking for fancy gadgets in them.  Well, we guess you can but all that it will result in is a rescheduled appointment as windshields with fancy gadgets usually don’t fit in vehicles that don’t have fancy gadgets.  Our technicians are pretty magical, but the cannot make rain sensors work in cars that aren’t made for rain sensors.  🙂