How Windshield Wipers are Scratching Your Windshield

Wiper blades are an essential part of driving a car. However, they are often over looked and not replaced often enough. You might be thinking this isn’t a big deal unless its monsoon season but that’s not the case.

As most of us can attest to not washing their car…ever…. we all know that our eyes can only see through so much dust and so many splattered bugs. So, as the logical car owners we are, we take Windex and a towel and clean it off right? HAH WRONG! Instead, as we drive down the road and we realize we can’t tell if there’s a small child or a plastic bag in the road, we engage the wipers and spray feature and attempt to clean the windshield.

Now this might work if you have new wiper blades on your car, but as I can guarantee most of us do not, our efforts fail because the blades are too old, chipped, and brittle to wipe anything away. You would have better luck using public bathroom toilet paper than your terrible wiper blades. Again, this might not seem like a big deal. Just buy new blades and you’re good right? Well yes, but what you might not know is what your old blades were actually doing to the windshield.

As wiper blades age, they become brittle and parts of the rubber break off leaving tiny gaps. So when it rains, instead of water being wiped away, it often escapes through these gaps. In addition, dust and little rocks get caught in those gaps and scrape all the way up and down your windshield. Now, they might not be noticeable right off the bat, but after so many wipes, the scratches become more and more noticeable. Again, this might not be a huge deal for you since you will still be able to see through your windshield, but when the morning and evening sun glares across it, you might have a bigger problem. Lucky for you, the solution is simple.

All you have to do to prevent this from happening is replace your windshield wipers when they need replacing. Don’t put it off till after monsoon season starts. A week or so before, check out your blades, clean them off with a damp rag, and feel them up for any major damage. Then, give them a test run, clean your windshield off first with glass cleaner and wet the glass. After that, hop in your car and turn them on. If the water is wiped away well without leaving too many streaks, then you’re good to go. If not, then go out and purchase new ones. Wipers might not be the cheapest car part out there, but new blades are far cheaper than a new windshield.


-Ben Delamater

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