Auto Glass Claim Steering

The auto glass industry is unregulated.  What does it mean to you?  If you have full coverage insurance, you call in your claim.  You are NOT talking to your insurance carrier; you are talking to a third party administrator who will process the claim.

PROBLEM:  One auto glass company is not only a retailer, but they are also a manufacturer and they are the third party administrator for most insurance companies.  Quite brilliant huh?

The problem is that independent glass shops don’t get a fair shake at gaining your business through the third party administrator.  The third party admin will often “steer” you to their own shop.  There are laws that state this should not happen but it does. . . .daily.

Also, if you make your claim online, you are not given a choice.  Your claim goes to one shop automatically.  You don’t get to “choose” your glass shop.

Independent shops NEED YOUR HELP.  It’s truly up to you to keep your dollars local.  There are many local shops that deserve your business.

Next time you call in a claim or think about doing it online – call your local shop – we can do the claim for you and you are keeping the money local!  Together we make a difference!


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