Keep it Local

What does it mean?  “Keep it Local”?  Do we really think about it?  Life is so busy, should I really sit down and think about keeping it local?  Or is it a tired out phrase that is used by the local Chamber of Commerce?

We try to shop locally whenever possible, we give back to local clubs and organizations, and we feel that our community will only survive if we help it every day.  Do your part.  Take a minute to look at who can help you locally.  It could literally make the difference of a family in town.  It could be making a difference for your family.  Just think about it.

What does this have to do with auto glass?  What does it have to do with you?  We have a lot of shops in the county.  There are a lot of locally owned shops to choose from.  We are lucky!  Did you ever ask those guys at the car wash, who come to your door or who call your home where they are from?  Most are not from here.  They come up from Phoenix.  We hope that you will take a minute to remember the little guys out there who are working hard for you every day.  There are local shops that deserve your business.

We think this sums it up nicely.  Do what you can.  We know you already do!  From all of the locally owned shops:   Thank you!


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