Build the Ultimate Survival Kit for Your Car!

Arizona has its own winter challenges.  Even though we may not be a hard winter state, we still need to be prepared.

We like to adventure so we figure you do too.  Learn from our wisdom (brought on by some oopsies along the way) that might help you have a more fun and effective adventure.  😉

Survival Items – MUST HAVE’S

1.  A Flint

True story – if you loose the matches, use them up or they get wet, you are so going to be SO happy you have this bad boy.  It takes up very little room and you will SO dig it if you ever need it!

2.  Matches

Well, they are much easier than the flint but you want a back up (see number one)  because when you use that last one…….

3. First Aid Kit

you can buy a pre-made one pretty cheaply.

4.  Blanket and small pillow

Laugh all you want.  You let me know when you use it.  You will be so happy you have it.  I take one back packing too.

5.  Flashlight with batteries put in backwards

You don’t want to loose the power if it gets turned on accidentally.

6.  EXTRA Batteries in a baggy

It would be good if they fit your flashlight.

7.  A space blanket

Good for warmth in the cold, coolness for the heat and a KILLER reflector.

8.  Shovel

Really, you want a shovel.

9.  Kitty litter, sand or cinders

Been a few times we’ve been without.  Dark days, my friends…..dark days.  You don’t want to go there.

10.  Jumper Cables

Self explanatory.

11.  Tow Rope

How many of you have found yourselves without one and regretted it?  Enough said.  Go get it today.

12.  A hide a key

ON YOUR CAR.  So you can get to that blankie and pillow!  HA!

13.  Note pad and pen

Not to write your farewell message; no, no, we believe in you!  Paper is kindling for the fire.  The pen?  You can use the tube as a straw, use it to poke holes, even to help someone breath!  Options are endless.

14.  A pocket knife

Buy one  for each car.  You won’t regret it.  Even when you aren’t stuck, you will find uses for it!

15.  Snacks….

This one is hard because you have to change it up all of the time.  What we do?  We pack snacks EVERY TIME we go adventuring.  We pack as if we might be out longer than anticipated.   I truly try to pack stuff that will have more nutritional value – granted I’ve watched too much tv and survival shows;  I don’t want to starve or eat bugs so it’s a good motivator.

16.  Cell phone adapter/charger for the car

Yup.  If you don’t have it already, today is the day my friend.

17.  Water

For you, your pets and/or your radiator.  NEVER! EVER! leave home without it.

18.  Windshield scraper

Don’t use other objects.  They scratch the glass.  (You didn’t think I’d miss this opportunity to plug auto glass, did you?)

Where do you store all of these things?  HOLY CATS, you need another car just to put it all in right?  Wrong.  Get a waterproof bag like you have seen on the Grand Canyon rafting tours.  You can pick one up on line or at an outdoor hiking store.  You don’t need a big one.  Store your stuff and depending on the world of hurt you have found yourself in, you have a waterproof bag to use for survival as well!

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