Scientific(?) Proof Why Dogs Stick Their Head Out the Window

We’ve all seen our beloved pets stick their furry faces out the window, their tongue flopping in the wind and drool painting the side of our car. But have you ever wondered why they do it? We assume it’s because they enjoy it, something about the wind flowing through their hair maybe. I don’t think that’s the case though.

Have You Ever Tried It?

Honestly, though, have you ever tried to stick your head out the window while someone else drives down the highway? If you’re a kid it might be fun, until a bug smacks your forehead, your eyes start to water, and you have trouble breathing because of the intense wind. Really though, I don’t see how it can be any more fun for them than it is for us. So why do they do it then?

My (Correct) Hypothesis

I have noticed something about many people’s vehicles. Almost everyone I pass by or ride with has either a disgustingly dirty windshield or a ton of chips, cracks, and scratches in it. Now I might be wrong (I’m not), but I think dogs stick their head out the window as a passive-aggressive sign that we need to clean or repair our disgustingly dirty windshield.

They Are Disgusted

They can’t see clearly out the windshield and they’ve had enough. So, in an over-dramatic display to tell us how gross we are for letting your windshield get that bad, they stick their head out the window. Take the following dialogue from a join dog interview:

“Good lord, look at how gross and broken your windshield it, I might as well just stick my head out the window. Disgusting.”   –  Dog

Don’t Believe Me?

I’m telling you, dogs are very aware of our habits and are frankly over them. They would rather stick their head out the window and have bugs fly up their noses than look at our nasty windshields. They may be mans’ best friend, but best friends are the ones who point out our sh*tty habits.

Still not Convinced? Prove me Wrong.

If you still don’t think I’m right, by the way, I am, then I challenge you to prove otherwise. I don’t mean to ask a professional blah blah blah. No, no I want you to clean your windshield, inside and out, and have cracks and chips repaired. Then you’ll see. You’ll see great appreciation from your dog who is no longer revolted by your gross windshield and is finally able see through it clearly.

Give it a shot, cause I’m pretty sure they’re sick of our procrastination. Good luck and happy adventures!




Author:  B. Delamater

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