Auto Glass and My Insurance

Owner/Technician Dave replacing windshield

What Does My Insurance Cover? We often get questions about what windshield repair insurance covers in a glass repair or replacement. Does it just cover the glass or the parts too? Is labor covered? What about other glass in the car? While I would LOVE to be able to answer these questions for you, it…

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Trust Us

Installer Dave repairing a chip

Having an emotional attachment to material things is somewhat frowned upon in our society. We are taught to cherish people and moments rather than objects and things. However, as some of us know, we tend to develop an emotional bond with some of our favorite things anyways. Whether it’s your favorite hair tie or an…

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The Craziest Stuff We’ve Heard

Customer Looking Confused at her Computer

  Customers Say the Craziest Things! After talking with some fellow auto glass shops from around the country and a few overseas, we began to wonder what the craziest, strangest things customers have accused or said to us after a job. We asked around and this is what came back, enjoy! All names and locations…

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Back to School Car Care

back end of school bus

It’s been a long, relaxing summer but school is starting up again soon. Whether that means college or high school, your vehicle deserves some extra attention before getting back into that routine. What to Check Tires For the sake of space, checking your tires includes but is not limited to your tread, pressure, and brakes.…

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How to Check Tire Tread and Pressure


Ever wonder when or how to check your tire pressure or tread? Yeah, most people probably don’t but now is the perfect time to start! After all, tire pressure and tread are essential to safe and economic driving. Tread Checking tire tread thickness is easier than you may think. All you need is a penny!…

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Re-Calibration Calamity – Part 2

woman using re-calibration while driving her car looking out her windshield

As I mentioned in Calibration Calamity Part 1, windshield re-calibration is a relatively new process. While it is, unfortunately, an additional maintenance aspect of your vehicle to consider, it is important to have these cameras re-calibrated after a windshield replacement. Two Types of Re-calibration Dynamic – this process has the vehicle drive at a set…

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Windshield Calibration Calamity – Part 1

ADAS windshield with man driving into sunset

Windshield Calibration and  Your Car Driver-assist technology is continuously being introduced in new vehicles. From surround-view cameras to auto-braking, these features introduce new opportunities and problems to face. Windshield Calibration is here now and here to stay. These present an additional obstacle to work around with auto glass replacement. For this tech to work, cameras…

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A Gentle Reminder about Replacement Times

Replacement Times; What you Should Know The auto glass industry has yet to reach instant replacement technology. We all look forward to that day, but it is not yet upon us. With that in mind, we would like to remind all our wonderful customers that an windshield replacement takes one hour to perform and one…

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Chip Repairs – What you need to know!

vintage yellow car

This is a short update to our previous blogs about chip repairs and a little reminder of what we can and cannot guarantee. As you may or may not know, repairs are only ever an attempt at fixing a chip in your windshield. It does not guarantee that the chip won’t crack out nor does…

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Customer Service Problems

people working by a window in an office

As we know, customer service is essential in the business world. Regardless of your industry, company, product, or service, you have a customer. They may not be average, everyday individuals but, they are customers, nonetheless. Even large oil corporations, who likely never encounter the end user must exercise customer service. They sell their raw or…

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