A Gentle Reminder about Replacement Times

Replacement Times; What you Should Know

The auto glass industry has yet to reach instant replacement technology. We all look forward to that day, but it is not yet upon us.

With that in mind, we would like to remind all our wonderful customers that an windshield replacement takes one hour to perform and one hour to cure – in other words, the glue needs to dry for an hour.

What To Expect About Replacement Times

This means that all replacement customers should plan on not driving for at least two hours. If the glue is not left to cure for at least one hour, our workmanship guarantee is void, rendering any and all windshield problems (leaking, wind noise, etc.) not covered under said warranty.

So please, for your own sake and ours, do not drive your car for at least one hour after the repair is done. Thank you and happy adventures.


Author: B. Delamater



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