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Here at Adventure Auto Glass, we take pride in the work we do. Our technicians take careful measures to ensure that your repair or replacement is done correctly. We understand the importance of a proper windshield installation, which is why we offer a limited warranty on our work.

The Limited Warranty

Simply put, our warranty covers workmanship. What does this mean? Well, this means that if the installation was done incorrectly or happens to malfunction (ie: water leaks, wind whistling, rattling, etc.) we will come back and assess and possibly redo the installation again, taking special care to address what caused the issue.

We believe all auto shops, especially our own, should stand by their work and promise to make it right if something happens in the installation process.

What our Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Unfortunate or not, we do our work in Arizona and as you may know, Arizona is a very rocky and dusty place. Therefore, because of the extreme likeliness of rock chips occurring, our warranty does not cover acts of nature or accident even if it occurs right after a repair/replacement.

We have no control over what nature or other drivers do and therefore cannot guarantee that a chip repair or glass replacement will not be chipped or cracked once you leave the appointment. Of course, if the damage is due to workmanship, that will be covered.

All in all, we are not responsible for what nature decides to do. Hopefully, if you get a chip or crack after an appointment, you have glass coverage and the insurance will be able to cover it again.

We hope you understand and would like to remind you that while we do guarantee our workmanship, we can’t guarantee nature. Have a great day and happy adventures!

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