What is Up With Windshield Tint?

We get a lot of questions about tint on the windshield.  Let’s break it down.

Most windshields are made up of one of three colors:  Blue, Green or Clear.

If you look at your windshield (unless it’s a Jeep Wrangler) you will see that it is tinted slightly.  If you look at the top six inches or so, you will probably see a darker strip of tint.  That is to block the direct sun rays.  Sometimes this tint can be bronze, green or blue.

Did you know it depends on the upholstery in your car?  That is why you might hear your auto glass shop or third party network ask you if you remember the color of your tint at the top or what color your upholstery is.

We get this question almost every day, “Will I get my tint back?”.  This is a great question but it’s a loaded question. Please, keep in mind when we speak to you over the phone, we cannot see your car.

See the tint strip? This is from the factory.

See the tint strip? This is from the factory.

Scenario 1:    If you are talking about the tint at the top, most of the time, the answer is yes, you can!  There are, however, exceptions to every rule.  If your car was made before 1990, the windshield could be more difficult to find.   

Scenario 2:  If you want no darker shade at the top it may not be available.  Sometimes there manufacturer only makes one kind of windshield, so that is all we can buy.

Scenario 3:  Aftermarket tint.  Sometimes people like a darker band at the top.  This was done at a tint shop.  We do not do that, unfortunately.  We can help you get to a tint shop and work out details.  This is tough for a lot of people to understand as they often buy the car used and do not realize this was an aftermarket product.

Now you are a lot smarter!    Let us know if we can answer any questions.  We are here to help!