The Auto Glass Bug

What is a bug?

Why would we be asking such a simple question? We all know what bugs are, they are the creepy crawlies that annoy us outside in the summer and irritate us inside in the winter.

Plus, they make a mess on our windshields driving down the highway!

I’m not talking about that kind of bug. No, I’m talking about an auto glass bug. “What is an auto glass bug?”, you may be asking. Well sit down and let me tell you all there is to know!

The bug is nothing more than the little sticker/decal inked on the bottom corner of a piece of glass. This is the auto glass bug that comes on dealer glass

It typically features the manufacture’s logo and various information for the manufacturer. That’s it.

So why exactly do you care?

Well, to be honest, most people probably don’t, however, the presence of the bug indicates a very important aspect of where your auto glass came from.

It tells you whether your class is Dealer or OEM.

The Difference

We’ve mentioned in previous blogs what the difference between dealer glass and OEM is, but here’s a quick recap:

Dealer glass and OEM glass are exactly the same glass, EXCEPT dealer glass has the original manufacturer’s auto glass bug which features the vehicle’s logo.

OEM simply has a simple bug or none, but it is the same quality, size, shape, etc. as dealer glass. Plus, for some Jeeps, the Jeep grille logo behind the rear mirror may not be present on OEM.

So, if you happen to get your windshield replaced and those logos/decals/emblems are no longer on the glass, this is the reason why.

This may not be okay with some people, which is completely understandable. You may like the logo, or it may give you more perceived reassurance in the glass.

Dave and Jim Installing a WindshieldHowever, know that if you do want glass with the logos, you must request dealer glass. Otherwise, most auto glass shops will simply order OEM glass or even non-OEM glass.

We here at Adventure Auto Glass only ever use OEM glass for installations unless dealer glass is requested.

Why don’t we just purchase dealer glass all the time? The simple answer to that is expense and insurance.

Despite OEM and dealer glass being LITERALLY the same thing, that little auto glass bug with the vehicle’s logo jacks up the price. Due to the higher price, many insurance companies choose only to cover up to the price of OEM glass, not dealer glass, leaving you the customer to foot the rest of the bill.

We are happy to accommodate anyone who wished to have dealer glass rather than OEM glass but be wary of the price difference and the effect it may have on your glass coverage.

Good luck out there and happy adventures!



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